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Some elements for painting

some elements for painting

Before, during and at the end of painting you should pay attention to Some elements for painting.

Before interior painting in toronto

The first one is be sure that the stucco is dry or not wet at all. Because if it is wet it may destroy the appearance of interior paint.

The next is to fill the pothole and holes for interior painting. And you have to make a flat wall before painting. Andb then cover all switches completely for interior painting.

The other element is to collect all furniture and cover them. Put chandeliers in box before painting. Cover the floor of your room by plastic. Because covering floor causes the color doesn’t spread.

If the tools and wall decorations are inseparable, cover them with protective tools. so that the paint does not damage them.

During interior painting always use proper ventilation. Or if you can not have proper ventilation, use a mask.

Keep away children and pregnant women.

It is better to leave the house five or six days after painting. Color’s portion remain in the air for several days and causes headaches and nausea.

no smoking in painting building

When you are painting do not smoke. It increases the risk of fire, cigarettes and also aggravate the poisoning by chemicals.

After painting Keep the lid of the color cans closed and keep them out of the children.

open the doors and windows for two to three days after the paint. Prepare proper ventilation to dry the paint sooner.

Building painter must follow the tips for painting. And in return the client for the tasks that are most important should do the following elements for painting in toronto:

Which one for interior and exterior painting

It is better to get help from a valid painter and choose the best colors. If you want to paint outside of apartment in wet region use waterproof colors. Because it Shows higher durability against atmospheric and external factors. And also in warm and dry region choose a color that is heat insulation and resistant to sunlight. To paint hospitals, you should use waterproof and antibacterial paints. they are not only easy to wash and clean, but also contain less germs and pathogens.


Avoid going and coming during the painting process. and let the painter finish your building’s painting with focus and accuracy. And also, do not allow children to enter the area. because some chemical colors will have unpleasant effects on their respiratory system.

Kinds of oil paint

If you are planning to buy oil paints for painting , you will invite light and brightness to your life.  

Oil paints divided in three common types




3. matte

that can be used for ceilings, hallways, rooms and so on. But keep in mind that this color has a very unpleasant perfume. which is very dangerous for people with allergies and shortness of breath. And also, oil paint can not only never hide wall imperfections, like seams and cracks. but it will make them bolder in the eyes of the audience. The price of oil paint is very ideal and cheap.

Odorless paint

Odorless plastic paints have a pleasant smell due to the water solvent. and will not be poisonous and unbearable during application. But if you buy the best plastic paint, you can benefit from its washable. Disadvantages of plastic paint include its short-term durability.

Now we suggest you a color that you have never experienced before. It is acrylic color. And it has some ideal options:

1: Acrylic paint is based on water and at the same time waterproof and washable.

2: It has high color variety and ideal quality

3: It has high gluey strength

4: It dries in the shortest possible time.

5: Without causing any allergies or breathing disorders

6: Can be used in and out of apartment

 7: Resistant to physical shocks.

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