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residential painting in toronto

residential painting

Leave your residential property painting to us

Residential areas are primarily used for housing, in contrast to industrial and commercial areas. Adding a fresh coat of paint to the exterior or interior of your home can make a significant difference when completed by our experienced team [Colorsmaster]. Whether you wish to spruce up a worn exterior or give your home’s interior rooms a makeover, our residential painting service delivers the highest quality results for your home improvement project.

residential painting in toronto

Colorsmaster attention to your project

Painting residential homes requires extra caution since a home is a place of peace. Colorsmaster’s team strives to provide advanced painting designs that cater to the specific needs of each residential building type, including duplexes, triplexes, apartments, houses, villas, bungalows, cottages, hotels, and more. Each of these buildings requires a unique painting design that enhances its beauty for the landholder. Our team is committed to providing you with the most brilliant painting that suits your design and brings you joy. While there are various painting solutions available in Toronto, our team prioritizes working according to your specific needs.

Transform the rooms of your home with quality workmanship and design using our interior painting services. Our team’s expertise and experience in interior style will enhance the beauty of your home, making it look new again.

Our team’s duty

At Colorsmaster Company, we prioritize our clients and strive to provide the highest level of service in our industry. If you require a painting company that can deliver high-quality painting services within your budget and on-time, contact us to receive a free quote for your next residential painting project. Determining the best color to suit your style and home can be challenging. Therefore, we offer professional color consulting services to ensure that you get the perfect color for your next home painting project.

residential painting in toronto

Different types of residential buildings exist in Toronto, and depending on the type of building and interior or exterior painting required, it is crucial to seek out skilled painters capable of executing your project to the highest standard. Project size is also essential since significant projects necessitate prompt assistance and management. Performance is a critical aspect of residential building painting since industries and managers value time as a precious resource. Therefore, entrusting your project to a reliable company is crucial. Colorsmaster’s team has ten years of experience in residential building painting in Toronto and is prepared to undertake your project in the best possible manner.


An apartment, a self-contained housing unit that occupies a portion of a building, typically on a single story, can serve either residential or commercial purposes. Despite the advantages and disadvantages it presents, the selection of appropriate paint can mitigate some of these issues. Four types of apartments exist [A B C D], each with unique characteristics and painting requirements.

Group A apartments represent the pinnacle of luxury and are situated in Toronto’s most prestigious areas. Because these apartments are often less than 10 years old, precision is a must when it comes to painting.

Group B apartments, on the other hand, generally fall within the 10 to 25-year age range. The age of these apartments necessitates careful consideration during the painting process.

Group C apartments, usually between 30 to 40 years old, require even more attention due to the age of their materials.

Finally, Group D apartments, which are often old, inexpensive, and located in Toronto’s less desirable areas, are still painted to the highest standard by the Colorsmaster team.

Common areas in apartments, such as stores or stairs, are open to communal painting participation. The choice of paint colors and materials is determined based on the specific apartment.

A variety of room types can be found within apartments.

residential property

Work rooms

And every of them has their own decoration and painting. Like kitchen: which is for the food preparation and storage. Certain workrooms are designated by the activity:

For instance for workrooms its painting depends on what is formal or informal. That is for kids[daycare] or not. for example, a sewing room is used for sewing, and the laundry room is used for washing and ironing laundries.

Social rooms

Various types of rooms whose main purpose was socialization with other people. In this room, people who has business with the local landowner or his household could meet. So the painting should be very nice. As the largest room, it could also be used as a dining room for large banquets. or cleared of tables, provided with music. A sitting room, living room is a place for social visits and entertainment. Our team helps you painting your social room so beautiful.

Sleeping room

A bedroom is the room where a bed is located, and whose primary purpose is sleeping. A master bedroom may have an bathroom. And it is better to paint it according your taste. A guest room is a bedroom used primarily by overnight guests. Dark and white colors are good choices. The next is nursey; nursery is a bedroom for babies or young children. It may be separate from the playroom, which is a room where the children’s toys are kept. Also light colors are good for painting nursey.

Bedrooms may be used for other purposes. A large house might have separate rooms. for these other functions, such as a dressing room for changing clothes. and its correct painting make there nicer.

A sick room

is a specialized room. sometimes just large enough to contain a bed. and where a family member could be kept separate from the rest of the household while they get ill. So some colors like green or light blue can be suitable.

Multi purpose rooms

multi-purpose rooms include the great room. and removes most walls and doors between the kitchen, living rooms, to create larger area. So its painting should be accurate and match with the place.

En-suite room

An en-suite room is a type of room which includes a private room. The en-suite rooms for students are designed to provide a study area. Also psychology colors and painting is suitable.


A dormitory (often abbreviated to dorm) is a building primarily providing sleeping for large numbers of people. such as boarding school, high school, college or university students. Also every of them have their own painting.

Painting boarding school dormitory

Boarding schools generally have dormitories as resident halls. And at least for junior or younger children around age 4 to 9 years of age. Thus the painting must be designed for kids. For example light and warm colors are good choices.

Painting company dormitories

although the practice of housing employees in company-owned dormitories has decreased. but also several companies continue this practice in some countries. So the way of its painting should be both nice and have suitable price.

Painting duplex

When it comes to duplex house, there is a lot one can do house interior and exterior painting design. Duplex interior design could be two different themes on each floor. or each unit or similar themes unified by merging the design on the staircase or lobby space if they are located next to each other.

A duplex house plan has two living units attached to each other, either next to each other as townhouses, or above each other like apartments. Because this kind of homes have two parts, you can use different type of color painting. In Toronto because of cold weather you may choose color like blue or gray. But everything depends on your taste.

One of the best advantages of a duplex house is the double-height wall. You can use this wall to accentuate a large painting to add nice place to your living area. Since it is a lot of wall space, you can use different shades of wallpaper to make a statement or even keep a part of the wall textured.

Painting triplex

A triplex apartment refers to an apartment spread out over three floors. These properties can be quite expensive and include the most expensive property in Toronto. in fact for these kinds of homes Colorsmaster team offers the most luxury materials and color designs. If the triplex house belongs to a young couple, red in some parts of the living room is a great idea.

Our services

Our line of services includes power washing, exterior painting, interior painting, color consulting, and much more.

Providing a variety of commercial and residential painting services by Colorsmaster. Leave the interior and exterior painting of your building to us. Painting children’s room and kitchen. Learn more about us. If you want to learn about how to estimate the cost of building painting, check out this article (everything about building painting).

If you have a commercial property in need of painting services, you can count on ColorsMaster for the job. We will provide a clear, transparent, and timely estimate and get the job done quickly.All our efforts to obtain your satisfaction.

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