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Color psychology

Color psychology

Do you know anything about Color psychology? Each of us love one or two colors more than others and want to use it a lot. Each color we like has originated from our character. colors affect on us and our life so much. For that reason some patients needs different kinds of colors.

Why Color psychology is important?

Eyes are the most powerful visual elements. Colors cause to communicate with the environment and understand it. Some other effects:

1. Caring different illnesses

2. Creating positive changes

3. Resetting jobs goals

4. Decreasing stress

Using unsuitable colors in your environment can hurt your soul. Color therapy helps you to enjoy your life and it always has been great. Each color have its own effect. Colors may not affect on you directly but you see its result in your life.

In psychology, colors divide into three groups. the first one is warm colors, the second one is cold colors and third one is neutral colors.

Color psychology

Cold colors

Green, purple and blue are cold colors. These colors as a general rule make people feel calm and at the same time can make people feel sad and upset.


This color is used in hospitals a lot. Do you know why? Because it is one of the soothing colors. Green is the most practical used colors in decoration.

Its treatment features are:

1. Relieving stress

2. Increasing digestion

3. Improving the balance of abilities

4. Defeating body from stroke

someone who use this color a lot are people with a positive personality, and so persevere. These people are very curious and they fight hard. Much use of this color can cause boredom and depression.


This color causes trust, peace, calm and logic in your mind. This color uses in bedrooms a lot. Blue reduces appetite and increase security. Loyalty and honesty is so important for someone who interested blue. And they try to have order in their life. These people are so responsible and most of the time have higher introversion. This color is useful for insomnia, high blood pressure and to reduce pain sensitivity. If you use blue color a lot, it causes, despair and hopelessness.


Purple is the sign of wisdom and respect. This color creates a sense of creativity and increases problem-solving skills. People who like this color are bold and brave. It is so convenient to use this it in the office. This color is useful for many problems. I want to list some of them. the first one is reducing addiction and migraine problems. the second one is improving the function of the nervous and cardiovascular systems. and last one maintaining potassium balance.

Color psychology

Warm colors


Red is an irritating color that increases blood pressure and heart rate. This color is a symbol of excitement, love, vivacity. Active and lively people like this color. Another characteristic of these people is their quick-wittedness. These people get angry and judge very quickly. they are kind-hearted but on the other hand they can not govern themselves. There is also a relation between red and male sexual incitement.

Using much amount of this color causes impulsive movements and aggression in people. Its treatment characteristics are:

1. Overcoming the feeling of boredom

2. Improving normal sexual function

3. Stimulating the nervous system

4. Increasing adrenaline and blood circulation

5. Maintaining calm and lowering blood pressure.

Orange and yellow

They are light and happy colors. People who like orange are sociable and devoted. It’s good for improving and protecting health and energy.

Yellow increased body’s metabolism and self-confidence. People who like yellow are hard-working.

Color psychology

Neutral colors

Black and white and gray are neutral colors.

Knowledge of the psychology of colors and the use of each of them are practical due to their effects. It is used in advertising, medicine, home design and decoration, etc.

Colors can have a great impact on people’s mood. and if you use them correctly can be very beneficial and can have an impact on all aspects of life.

Color psychology and advertisement

Advertising is an important part of a job. I want to name some examples that show the importance of color in advertising.

For example the best color for bank’s advertising is blue. because it transfers the security and peace. Or organic and natural companies can choose green because it is the sign of health.

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