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Color combination

Color Combination

Color combination means to put two or more colors together in a certain order. The Color combination creates the location and amount of each color next to other colors

Combination of different colors

Painting home is one of  major factors. That is change the home’s view. Dirty walls don’t show your nice design. The effect of color combination on our mind is so. Some colors like white, ivory or light gray are common in painting. You know the reason why we choose white more? Because after sometime other colors may be repetitious. But you can choose any color you love. And choose which one has more positive energy on you.

Colorsmaster-Color Combination

Research Pre-Run

Choosing and using colors should be according to research, And it should be match with the space. Yellow is the lightest color after white. It is being more beautiful when combine with gray or purple. Orange is a hot color. That is the lightest color after yellow. Light yellow uses for walls. Gold color is a shine yellow. most of the time it uses for the design Not all part of walls. Light is the symbol of realities. When we say he is light it means he is aware and intelligent.

Yellow is related to comprehension. This warm color besides white show the off, But besides green has a normal shine. This color and orange show the sunrise of the sun. Yellow besides red show the noise. But yellow and blue are not good combinations . Red is a shiny color. That is so flexible. We can combine red with blue. And it is so nice. Red is the sign of revolution and fervor. Red is not suitable for calmness. Although in luxe homes red is used a lot, And it depends on your favor.

Color Combination

Colors Communicate With Your Soul

Red on the blue-green background is very bright. This color on the orange background does not show itself well. This warm color on the black creates conflict. Blue is a pure color, And it doesn’t have any similarity with yellow and red.

Blue is a cold color and red is a warm color. Someone who likes blue they are so strong nerves. Powerful blue shows itself more in the cold season in the nature. There is all kind of blue in nature from light blue to dark blue. Also blue is sued for inside decoration. blue refers to the soul and means faith.

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For Chinese people, blue color is a symbol of eternal. Dark blue means fear and sadness. When the blue color appears on a yellow background, it looks darker, And if we reduce the degree of darkness of the blue, the yellow color will appear denser and richer. Blue on the black background shines and seems a bit lighter. Blue in the dark background is a strong and pure color. This cold color in the dark purple seems darker. As the purple gets darker and closer to black, the blue becomes more lighter.

 This cold color on orange red keeps its darkness. Putting brown next to blue makes this color come alive. Blue color becomes red next to green color. The green background for the blue color changes the blue state to a lively and active color. Blue color has the character of calmness and silence. Also inducing a spiritual, mystical feeling and religious.

color combination

Green create by the Color combination  of blue and yellow. Green with gray goes to darkness. green-blue is the coldest color in the color circle. And also orange is the opposite of green and goes to warmness.

At last l want to tell you that light colors show the positive aspects of life.

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